Depart Date
Account Lead# of GuestsWilling to Room With
Reservation Is
NY Bethel Special 20147/29/2014Arena , Alexandra Kim13In ProcessPending
New York Bethel Basic with Washington, DC [CLOSED]6/21/2014Bautista, Maria Del Rosario11CancelledPending
Sydney Australia + Branch Tour10/21/2014EMMANUEL EKENE, NNAMANI WISDOM13PendingPending
Bible Lands Tours - Israel and Turkey7/1/2014Hernandez, Marcia13PendingPending
The Best of Italy + Paris + London8/26/2014Hollenbeck, Sherry Ellis11In ProcessPending
NY + Canada Bethel Special 20147/1/2014Jonsen, Gabriele Angela11In ProcessPending
NY & Canada Bethel Classic w/Sunday in DC9/27/2014Kayembe, John Ilunga11PendingPending
Ecuador Branch Guayaquil Budget1/27/2015Lucas, Sandra Diane11In ProcessPending
NY + Canada Bethel Special 20146/24/2014Martin, Jean11PendingPending
China “The Land Of Immense Contrasts”5/12/2015Martinez, Nancy13PendingPending
NY + Canada Bethel Special 20146/24/2014McAndrew, Tina Marie12In ProcessMatched
NY + Canada Bethel Special 20146/24/2014McClounan, Samantha Anne22In ProcessMatched
Canada Bethel Basic6/17/2014NNAMANI WISDOM, EMMANUEL EKENE13PendingPending
Bible Lands Tour - Israel7/1/2014Price, Jonique Shanae11In ProcessPending
New York Bethel Basic with Washington, DC [CLOSED]6/21/2014RENTERIA MARTINEZ, MIREYA22In ProcessMatched
NY Bethel Special 20147/22/2014Robert, Ubong13PendingPending
Bible Lands Tours - Israel and Turkey7/1/2014Salinas, Maribel12PendingPending
NY + Canada Bethel Special 20147/29/2014Sarnstrom, Johan13In ProcessMatched
Bible Lands Tour - Israel7/1/2014Stettner, Dalila13PendingPending
NY + Canada Bethel Special 20147/29/2014Sundberg, Bengt Joel31In ProcessMatched
NY Bethel Special 20146/10/2014tan, hilly11PendingPending
Hawaii Big Island Tour11/25/2014Taylor, Fiona Louise13In ProcessPending
Sydney Australia + Branch Tour10/21/2014Treasure, Rebekah Daljit32In ProcessPending
New York Bethel Basic10/13/2014Vela, Rita31In ProcessPending
China “The Land Of Immense Contrasts”5/12/2015Wolfe, Kristen12PendingPending